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Drawing is like breathing for me.   The challenge I set myself is to capture motion with a line, or as my friend Kathleen says, "amazing how you capture such motion in stillness".


Finding inspiration in Asian Art and Art Nouveau styles, I extract the beauty and mystery of our world from the depths of my imagination.


I believe that the awakening of my love affair with the underwater world began when as kids my brother and I spent all of our weekends snorkeling over the shallower reefs of Puerto Rico.  Rather than swim we would take a pole out with us and put it in a hole in the reef, then hold on and become part of the current.  All sorts of underwater creatures, tiny fish, sea urchins, sea anemones and the like would  get used to us and go about their business of living.   These images are imprinted in my brain.


My art has evolved into an elaborate process of drawing, painting, paper cutting and computer manipulation.   I am able to create designs with a fresh new view of the fluid and captivating world that surrounds us.

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