My Love Affair with Paper Cutting

The illustrations for the children’s story of The Tree and the Moon was the beginning of my love affair with paper cutting.
When asked to illustrate this story, half of which takes place at night and in black and white, I opted for blue and white; saturated watercolor in cobalt and paper cutting, some white, some blue. To my mind paper cutting is merely an elaborate form of drawing.
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This book led to fine art collages, which have morphed into fabric design.

All of the art work shown here is either in private collections or sold. However some of the work is available in high quality giclee prints.


If you are interested please contact me at 

or call 707-570-2511. I will be happy to help you.

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Quan Yin of Fishermen

A beautiful scroll of Quan Yin of Fshemen, taken from a jade sculpture . This has an Indian sari for the background, pearls, carvings of hands and tassels hanging from the top. It is payment to my teacher.